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Stratigraphy & Paleontology, New findings about the Geology of Iran, Petrology(Igneous, Sedimentology, Metamorphic), New methods of Geological mapping

Conference Poster


Fundamental geology:

Stratigraphy and Paleontology topics

Stratigraphy and Paleontology are the most important parts of geological information and knowledge. This field of geology has a basic role in finding the history of every parts of earth crust, potential of different mineral deposits, determination of oil and gas reservoirs, palaeogeography, etcs.

The most important topics of this session are:

Stratigraphy and Paleontplogy topics

Sequence Stratigraphy

Isotop Stratigraphy

Event Stratigraphy


New stratigraphical finding of Iran


High resolution stratigraphy in method and material

other related topics


Fundamental geology:

Petrology topics

Petrological studies (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks) are another important part of geology which has an essential role in identification of earth crust properties and evaluation of geological history of every part on continents and also marine environments, so this session of symposium will be open to researchers who are active in this field.

The most important topics of this session are:


Petrology and geochemistry of igneous and metamorphic rocks


Petrogenesis and new finding in petrology

Petrology and sedimentary basin

Sedimentary basin analysis

other related topics




Fundamental geology:

New methods in the field of geological mapping

Geological maps are the first document that open our eyes to whole area which we enters either as a geologist or who wants data about properties of rocks and material of our environments. It’s obvious that the quality of the maps has a main role on data extracting by different users. In our country geological maps have published completely in scale of 1:250,000. in most parts of Iran 1:100,000 maps were prepared. Both by GSI and partly by NIOC. In recent years the big project of geological mapping in scale of 1:25,000 has been started by GSI and we expect to find papers on methods and new finding around this topic.

The main aspects could be as follows:  

New method of geological mapping

 New method producing in geological mapping

The relationship between geological maps and knowledge data gathering

Geological maps: Accuracy and precision

Applied geological maps

other related topics


Fundamental geology:

New finding about geological aspects of Iran

According to numerous geoscientist, Iran is one the most important parts of Alpine-Himalayan belt, that play a essential role in reviewing of this complicated, folded and faulted range in the world crust. On the other hand, research on geological aspects of Iran and especially new finding this area, will affected our knowledge and planning, so informing of these new discoveries will be an interesting part of the symposium.

  The most important topics of this session are:

New finding about geological aspects of Iran

New finding on the age of main lithostratigraphical units and their properties

New data on tectono – sedimentary zones and subzones

Volcanism and plutonism of Iran

other related topics



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